A COVID Pivot Story

During March of 2020, GET Valet was in the midst of quite the growth spurt.  Our Best-in-breed Airport package was impressing larger companies, our hospital package was growing like crazy, and we were days away from the launch of our new product GET Home. GET Home wasn’t a new workflow but an actual new product to satisfy the unique needs of residences.  We were about to spend 10x more on marketing than we ever had and excited to do it.  As entrepreneurs, we were entering our “Hockey Stick” phase (That is where your growth curve gets so steep that it looks like a hockey stick graphically).

Then, COVID hit…

You don’t have to be in parking to understand that no one wants a stranger getting into their car during the attack of the killer virus.  We lost 95% of our revenue over the next two weeks as the country shut down. Our CPO and I had briefly discussed a touchless parking app as a possible response.  Later that day, I get a message from him to the effect of “I can’t stop thinking about this touchless parking app.” I schedule a meeting for us the next day, and about six weeks later, we have a great touchless parking solution for kiosks and meters, but we also have customers for it! Like you, we have no idea what the future holds, but what we can tell you is that if you keep your composure and move with the times, you might be okay. Only time will tell….

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