Our goal, when we first set out, was not to create an all-inclusive valet technology. However, as we researched and learned exactly what was lacking in this industry and how we could fit in, we knew that we could develop something better.

GETValet is our answer to “How do we bring an underdeveloped, cash-only industry into the 21st century and the digital age?”.

Our mission for GETValet grew to become “The most complete solution for valet management and execution.”. We want to become the easiest, cheapest solution that offers the best benefits with incredible customer service.

We tediously, through in-house and user testing, derived what the most important features and functions are for business owners, attendants, and customers. By going straight to the source during the initial design phase, we made sure that we were creating a relevant, disruptive, usable technology.

The hope with launching GETValet is to revolutionize the parking and valet industries. So many new technologies have been developed, and it’s a shame that they haven’t been transferred into these spaces yet.

That’s where we help. GETValet is the bridge between new technology and established parking and valet companies. We offer benefits at every level of interaction. Owners are given a way to have more control and oversight into their business. Attendants, by using our app, become more efficient and can better serve customers. Customers, in turn, have a better way of communicating with attendants, making their journey more efficient and pleasurable. We provide, overall, better service with more benefits than any other competitor on the market for a fraction of the cost.

Our team also works tirelessly to continually update the app as well as the website. We don’t want to get behind the times and grow obsolete. We want to stay at the forefront of what’s possible. We aim to stay modern, stay beneficial, and stay affordable. Good service tools should be something every business can utilize.

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