Introducing GET Home, a modern residential valet solution
Having been told repeatedly that the current market solutions were inadequate for the need of residential properties, we set out to change that. Rather than try to modify our current product, we made the bold move of creating something new that perfectly fits the needs of the market. The features, functionality, and various ways to implement the solution are all a direct result from collaboration with customers that have current needs in this area. The end result is a product that gives multiple options for implementation and was designed for integration with other applications or Property Management Systems, in addition to running stand-alone. We have elegantly addressed the unique situations of residential valet such as visitor management, multiple vehicle management, and an administrative backend to keep all of the data organized and easy to access. The transaction time of checking residents in and out? One second or less while being totally frictionless for residents’ safety.
We can’t wait for you to see it!

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